Since you have a startup, you most probably have very limited resources for your operations, marketing, and other necessities. You might even have a handful of employees who are working various jobs that are not even in their job description. This means that you have to find a way to sustain your company without sacrificing the quality of your products of services. Good thing there are a handful of SaaS (Software as a Service) to do just that.

Low Costs

With SaaS, you can automate certain business tasks that you would want a team to do. Without hiring a team and shedding more precious money on the salary, you can subscribe to a SaaS. In fact, the low initial cost of SaaS applications is what mostly attracted a lot of startups and small businesses. Add to that, there are even free trials that you can use to know if you are using the right SaaS for your business.

SaaS applications are charged based on subscription rates per user and the bandwidth usage. This means that you are only paying for what you use.


You can use your SaaS applications on almost any device. Since the storage is in the Cloud or on the Internet, you can access your company data even if you are always on the go. You can get updated anytime and anywhere on the latest information about how your business is doing. Moreover, SaaS is not dependent on a device. There is no need to buy a software and install it on a computer.


SaaS developers usually have upgrades to fix existing bugs and make their software more efficient for the users. With these upgrades, there is no downtime of computers since you are not using up too much memory space. The SaaS is using the Cloud. Add to that, you can integrate with other software that is necessary for your business operations.

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