3 Best Ways to Fund Your Startup Business

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Jun 27

Having a small business is like making your dreams into a reality. But ideas alone are not enough to build a startup small business. You need to finance it to start the building and growing it. Add to that, once you are ready to expand. You still need money to widen your business horizon.

Good things there are various ways to fund your business aside from going to the bank. Unfortunately, banks are not keen to invest or give a loan to startups. You can’t blame them for being too risk-averse. After all, they have been in the business for decades by being so. However, they end up not being too open for talented entrepreneurs who are just starting up yet will big potential to change an industry. So here are three ways to fund your startup small business.

Angel Investors

You are in luck if you are a highly sociable person. Angel investors are not found just anywhere, yet you can start by asking people in your circle and local non-government organizations. Most angel investors are not interested in how much you are making right now. They are interested in the potential of your business and how far it will grow. They hope that once they exit, they can sell their shares for a better price.


If you are more into using the tech, then you can try crowdfunding. Certain websites such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter, RocketHub, Fundable, and Fundly are willing to showcase your ideas. However, be mindful that your business plan has to be as realistic as possible. You don’t want funders to expect too much on something that you can’t deliver and ruin your brand right from the kickoff.


Use what you have right now. Even Bill Gates built his billion-dollar software company in a garage, so this idea is not even new. If you have savings, you can combine it with your family or friends’ extra cash to get what you need at the moment. If you need more hands, you can hire a freelancer for short-term, projects. This way you don’t need to hire people for full-time positions yet.

Truly, if you have strong determination, financing will not a big of a deal. Take the chance to build your dream startup now, rather than let other people do it ahead of you and forever hold your peace.


Conversion-Based Tactics for Your Online Business

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Jun 07

Conversion should be the ultimate goal of any online financial business. Without any hope of sales conversion, the business will eventually fail.

In starting your finance business, you should then consider making a list of useful conversion-based tactics.

By doing so, you have the chance to prevent many pitfalls as your business operates.

Here are some conversion tactics to fuel your business journey:

Timely, Beneficial Content

Creating any type of online content is relatively easy. But if you’re aiming for a high-level piece of content that can benefit most users, you have to spend more time in creating it. What are the qualities of beneficial content? First: it must be timely.

Rehashing old information will rarely bring high value for your users. Some of them may recognize the old content and will veer away from your reach. The second factor is the free material. Most online entrepreneurs give free eBooks as part of their lead generation process. You can do the same, or you can even think of new digital products to make.

Social Media Activities

Social media is your trump card. Almost everyone in the world is connected to social media, with Facebook as the leading platform. To bring continuous conversion for your business, you should invest time in social media activities. Events such as online contests can catch the attention of users. Creativity is a strong factor that can guide you in making activities.

Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is about widening your reach. There are countless ways to influence people, especially in the cyberspace. To name a few common things, highly-regarded methods are through blogging, SEO marketing or digital marketing for financial services websites.

Your blog will serve as your content machine.

Every good content piece you make can influence people into making decisions. Do some experiments, even topnotch digital marketing strategist for finance business does. Figure out which content piece gathers immense reactions from web users.

The power of conversion shouldn’t be neglected. Finance businesses live and breathe through effective conversion methods, and entire communities are dedicated to the process. Create your conversion plan today, and see the outcome that it can bring.

Top 3 Best Crowdfunding Platforms

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May 27

Over the years, the virtual crowdfunding has become more popular to fund startup business or new projects. This is also a great way to gauge the interest your products will get once it is put out in the market. There are a lot of crowdsourcing sites that you can utilize now, but not all of them are created equal. What works for one may not work for the other businesses. This is why you have to know each one and the policy they have to avoid future mishaps.


As of date, this is the most popular crowdfunding platform for startups all over the globe. It has even made itself a household name. It is best for people who have new inventions, ideas, or projects. If you are going to use this crowdfunding site, you have to take note that you need to pledge something in return to your investors. Add to that, if you did not reach your funding goal, you will not receive any amount and the money will be returned to the investors.


This crowdfunding site may be a step behind Kickstarter, but it has its own charms. For one, you can get the funding even if you are unable to reach your goal amount. Then you can also use it as another marketplace where you can sell your products since Indiegogo lets people buy products on its site even if the funding period has already ended.


Patreon is not into straight-up campaigns. Instead, it provides ongoing financial support for a creative venture. As the site boasts itself, it uses the old idea of patronage. It supports mostly creators such as musicians, writers, visual artists, gaming creators, animators, crafters, Youtubers, and podcasters who can allow their fans to be premium members and enjoy what they have to offer. Patreon gives a sustainable income while retaining the creative control of creators.

How to Make a Facebook Page for Your Business

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Apr 29

We all know that Facebook has grown from being a social media platform into a great business marketplace for every enterprise no matter is the size. Add to that, it makes looking for specific leads easier if you are a local business who wants to grow your reach.

And even if you have a website, you need to boost you effort to increase the traffic it gets. But first, you have to build a Facebook page to run contests and promotions. It’s a good thing that Facebook business page is free yet it lets you reach more people and build brand awareness. This is because once a Facebook user becomes a follower or a fan, their Facebook friends can also get to see you. Add to that, your page also gets indexed in search engines.

If you do not have a business page yet, here are the steps you can take.

Before creating your Facebook business page, you need to create a personal Facebook profile. That profile will be the admin of your Facebook page. This means that your Facebook page will not have a separate login from your personal profile.

There is no need to worry if you are going to use your existing personal Facebook with your new page, only you and the other administrators will see the personal profiles interacting in the business page. People who follow or like your page will not see your profile though you can switch it if you prefer to do so.

From your Facebook profile page, you click the dropdown menu found in the upper right corner. Choose “Manage Pages.” Then click the option “Create a Page.”

Choose between “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” This will depend on your purpose. Key in your “Page Name,” your category to describe the nature of your business, business address, and phone number. You can opt not to show your address to the public but you have to retain your city and country. Then click “Continue.” Facebook will guide you throughout the setup process until you reach the Facebook Welcome section. You and the other admins can control the information people will see on your page.

Once you have created your page, you can then start posting links from your website, create ads, and promote online contests.