Over the years, the virtual crowdfunding has become more popular to fund startup business or new projects. This is also a great way to gauge the interest your products will get once it is put out in the market. There are a lot of crowdsourcing sites that you can utilize now, but not all of them are created equal. What works for one may not work for the other businesses. This is why you have to know each one and the policy they have to avoid future mishaps.


As of date, this is the most popular crowdfunding platform for startups all over the globe. It has even made itself a household name. It is best for people who have new inventions, ideas, or projects. If you are going to use this crowdfunding site, you have to take note that you need to pledge something in return to your investors. Add to that, if you did not reach your funding goal, you will not receive any amount and the money will be returned to the investors.


This crowdfunding site may be a step behind Kickstarter, but it has its own charms. For one, you can get the funding even if you are unable to reach your goal amount. Then you can also use it as another marketplace where you can sell your products since Indiegogo lets people buy products on its site even if the funding period has already ended.


Patreon is not into straight-up campaigns. Instead, it provides ongoing financial support for a creative venture. As the site boasts itself, it uses the old idea of patronage. It supports mostly creators such as musicians, writers, visual artists, gaming creators, animators, crafters, Youtubers, and podcasters who can allow their fans to be premium members and enjoy what they have to offer. Patreon gives a sustainable income while retaining the creative control of creators.

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